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About Us

Superior Software Consulting, Inc. (SSC) has been providing exceptional SAP implementation solutions and software consulting services since 1998. The President, Dan Eberwein, has been the foundation of the company and the gatekeeper to ensure all services meet and/or exceed customer expectations.    SSC offers a broad range of services:  Overall solution architecture, configuration, interfaces, customizations within the SAP framework, customizations that are bolt-on applications, testing, conversions, training and production support.  SSC has prided itself on delivering products and services that are in the best interest of the client. While this may seem like just nice rhetoric, contact with our previous clients would confirm it.  Dan Eberwein has said, "if the consultant is just about earning a paycheck, then they are working for the wrong company"; working for SSC is about taking pride in what is delivered and making the client truly successful by delivering efficient and effective solutions.  With the vast array of software consulting resources available, we will make it worth your time to consider the Superior Software Consulting "Value Proposition."  

President (Superior Software Consulting),
Team Lead for SAP SD Implementations,
Senior SAP Solution Architect and 
Senior SAP SD Configurator


Dan Eberwein is a SAP R/3 Sales and Distribution Senior Solution Architect and Configurator who has 22 years of experience implementing SAP R/3.  Mr. Eberwein has been the SAP Sales and Distribution Senior Configurator for 14 SAP implementations including multiple SD Team Lead and Solution Architect roles.

Mr. Eberwein is a certified SAP R/3 Sales and Distribution and Materials Management consultant.  He has extensive SD functional experience with a strong technical background which is very beneficial for creating / modifying design specifications and resolving complicated issues using R/3 debugging tools (prior to SAP, he had 5 years of experience with COBOL II programming which is similar to ABAP programming).  Dan has 5 years of management experience from several service companies which established the basis of his solid understanding of the sales and distribution business processes. In addition to configuration, he has developed numerous interfaces & applications that integrate to SAP.


Overall, Dan has 5 years of management experience at service companies and 27 years of software consulting experience with all stages of the systems development life cycle including: requirements gathering, modeling, analysis, design, coding, unit / system testing, procedure documentation, knowledge transfer to client’s employees, end-user training, data conversion and production support.  Mr. Eberwein’s complete implementation experiences (SAP & COBOL) span across 19 software engagements at 16 different companies, including two Fortune 50 companies and two Fortune 500 companies.

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